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Unplug and reconnect with Sony h.ear

Unplug and reconnect with Sony h.ear

In a world where we're connected to something almost 24/7, I found myself longing to disconnect with others and reconnect with my own thoughts and ideas without interruption.

As a lawyer, keen (not to be mistaken with good) golfer and self-confessed shopaholic there are times when I want to draft, drive and shop in my own world listening to my score. So I decided to invest in a decent headset to listen, work and play to my tunes.

My first decision? Innie or outie?  I personally dislike in ear headphones. I have yet to find a pair that have an unobtrusive fit. Besides, my ears have a strict guest list policy...cotton buds only (if your name's not Johnson you're not coming in). I wasn't looking for discrete headphones. I was looking for a headset that conveys the message loud and clear... DO NOT DISTURB. 

I looked at a few different brands including Bose, Sony and Bang & Olufsen. B&O definitely had the sexiest and most luxurious design (as you would expect) but were almost double the price of the next best product and I didn't feel that the price tag was justified. Bose had some great headsets but I settled on Sony for aesthetics, comfort and sound quality. 

What : Sony h.ear on wireless digital noise cancelling stereo headset (model MDR-100ABN).

Price : Aed1,199 from E-max. (HSQ tip: shop around because the price varies from retailer to retailer. The exact same model was AED1,399 in Virgin).

Packaging : The headset comes double boxed and with its own hard case.

Getting started:  The headset comes with pictorial instructions which are very easy to follow. All you have to do is charge the headset (charging cable supplied), connect to Bluetooth and you're good to go. Top marks for ease of use.

Battery life : The headset needs to be charged for 6 hours. After that the battery lasts for around 20 hours. I found that on each recharge the headset still needs a good 6 hours to charge completely.

Comfort and fit : The headset is super comfy. The leather ear phones are soft and spongy. They cover my whole ear with the exception of my ear lobes. This is a good design feature for earring wearers - the ear phones do not push your earrings against your skin. I wore the head set for a 40 minute run and it stayed in place - my ears were quite warm by the end of the session so this is perhaps where in-ear earphones may have an advantage.

Sound quality : The sound quality is excellent. To test the headset I listened to "Hello" by Adele; "Hymn for the weekend" by Coldplay and "Walk this way" by Run-DMC. The sound is warm, bass forward and clear.

If you want to block out the outside world you will love the noise cancelling function. The quality of sound remains unaffected when using the noise cancelling function. It effectively cancels out low frequency ranges found in offices, planes and trains. The headset does not block out high frequency ranges therefore I don't recommended wearing it to dinner with Mariah Carey.

Aesthetics and design: The headset is sleek. Despite being made from plastic the luxurious coating makes this an attractive piece of kit.  I went for "viridian blue" which comes with a slight pearl finish. It comes in a range of colours (including black).

The headset has a sensible design. Volume and track control buttons are easily accessible on the right ear piece. The noise-cancelling button is located on the left. Although I bough the headset primarily for wireless use the headset does come with a stereo cable should you wish to connect using a wire.

HSQ Verdict : Sony has delivered a headset that's attractive, comfortable, sounds fantastic and is easy to use.  I give this piece of equipment 9 out of 10 (Sony - come collect the missing point when the price goes down!).

This is not a sponsored post, it is HSQ's honest point of view.




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